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Wash Dry Fold

At 949 Laundry you will find certified professionals who will wash, dry and fold your clothes. Choose professionals to save your precious time and effort.


04/21/2016 From Overblog

Dry Cleaner Secrets Unveiled- Professional Dry Cleaning Options

Many people have a problem with the price tag on professional dry cleaning. This fact alone has led many to look...

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02/20/2016 From Overblog

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing Professional Linen Services

Most of the bigger business entities and amenities that deal with linen on a regular basis turn to the utilization...

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11/20/2015 From Overblog

Look good in new and fresh looking old clothes

Look Good in New and Fresh Looking Old Clothes In today’s busy world when all of us are in a rat race, doing household...

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07/21/2015 From Overblog

The Trend Linen Services of: Pros and Cons of the Service

The Laundromat and linen services has gained a lot of importance in today’s fast – paced world lately - the simple...

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02/06/2015 From Overblog

How to make the most of dry cleaning services!

In today’s world if you want to rise up and shine then you need to have the required skill and expertise. But that...

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11/21/2014 From Overblog

Why orange county dry cleaning services is a good option!

The kind of clothes we wear is an extension of how clean and hygienic we are as individuals. If we wear poorly...

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09/04/2014 From Overblog

Why laundry services are so beneficial!

The current lifestyle is such that we hardly get the time to perform household chores. Whatever time we get we...

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08/06/2014 From Overblog

Wear clean clothes every time you step out of your home

If you are located in United States or Canada you must be aware of the term ‘Laundromat’. But if you have just...

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03/24/2014 From Overblog

Effective dry cleaning services offered by Fountain Valley Laundromat

Are you one of those who have heard the term “dry cleaning” and really wondering what it is and how it is different...

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